Mickey and The Dream Team

Mickey and The Dream Team

When a champion athlete had a heart attack, Montefiore Nyack Hospital’s physicians and cardiopulmonary rehab program saw him through a marathon recovery.

Many people chill out on the sofa when they get home from work. Mickey Coleman, however, laces up his sneakers. The 43-year-old is a former Gaelic football player, a sport known for its rough-and-tumble mashup of soccer and rugby. Mickey and his team, Tyrone, won the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA)’s All-Ireland Championship twice in 2003 and 2005.

So, when he took a long evening run around his Pearl River neighborhood in March of last year, it was just a normal night for him—until it wasn’t. Shortly after returning to his house, he suddenly felt severe pain in his heart. “It was somersaulting like it was in spasm,” he recalls. “I knew right away I was dying.”

Somehow, he dragged himself upstairs and alerted his wife, who called 911. “Two police officers came into my house. I said, ‘Can someone help me?’ and then I remember falling,” he shares. He had flatlined.

Fortunately, EMS had just arrived. They needed to revive Mickey twice before loading him into an ambulance.